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How do I delete my Craigslist account 2022

Best Answer, How do I delete my Craigslist account Send a request to erase your whole Craigslist account to privacy@craigslist.org via email. Requests may be made directly to Craigslist, as well.

How do I delete my Craigslist account?

To have your Craigslist account erased, you must send an email to privacy@craigslist.org stating that you want your complete account destroyed. Alternatively, you may submit a direct request to Craigslist.

Craigslist customer service

Please refer to the resources provided below for assistance in locating the right contact information: assistance with technological issues I’m having difficulty replying to Craigslist advertisements.

How to delete Craigslist post

Open your email inbox and check your messages.

Look for the Craigslist automated email that was sent to you.
Select “To update or remove your advertisement, please visit the following URL,” and then click on the link that appears.
Please enter the email address and password that you used to create the listing here.
Select “Delete this posting” from the drop-down menu.

Does Craigslist delete inactive accounts

Is it true that Craigslist deletes accounts that are no longer active? Yes, Craigslist does erase accounts that are no longer active. When an account has been inactive for a length of time, or when the account holder has not signed in to their account for a period of one year, the account is terminated.

How to delete Gmail account

Go to your Google Account and sign in.

Select “Data & privacy” from the drop-down menu on the left.
Continue reading until you reach “Data from applications and services you use.”
Under “Download or delete your data,” choose Delete a Google service from the drop-down menu.
Please type in your password.
Select “Trash Can” from the drop-down menu next to “Gmail.”

How to unsubscribe from Craigslist

The quickest and most straightforward method of terminating your Craigslist account is to let it expire – just log in, remove all of your advertisements and drafts, and then wait for it to expire. You may change your email address to a non-existent address, but this is not recommended since someone might get access to your account and begin posting advertisements.

Craigslist questions and answers

Last week, you submitted a slew of questions to Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster, the founders and CEOs of Craigslist, who answered them all. They weren’t able to address every question, but I believe you’ll agree that they’ve provided us with a great deal of excellent answers, time, and ideas. It piqued my interest, in particular, when Jim claimed that the prior financial success of newspapers had actually harmed investigative journalism. While I don’t entirely agree with his point of view, I can understand the reasoning behind it. An whole other subject for another day. Thank you to Craig, Jim, and everyone else who took the time to participate.

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