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How Do I delete lyft ride history 2022

Best Answer, How Do I delete lyft ride history Just open the Lyft app on your phone. Click the menu bar and choose History. Now, pick the ride that you want to get rid of. Tap the Delete icon after clicking on the ride detail.

How Do I delete lyft ride history

How can I clear the past rides from my LYFT account? To clear your Lyft history, open the Lyft app and choose “Your Trips” from the menu. You will see a list of every journey that you have taken. After selecting one, choose “Delete this trip” located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to delete Lyft ride history 2022

You will need to go into the app and choose “Ride History” from the menu on the left side of the screen in order to remove your ride history. Find the ride that you wish to remove by scrolling down until you reach it. Simply clicking on it and then selecting “Delete from My Ride History” will do the trick.

How to delete ride history

addresses for both pick-up and drop-off

It’s go time.
Details about the vehicle.
Information for drivers.
Service class and total transportation fee are also included.

How to delete Uber ride history

Navigate to the menu and choose Ride history.

Choose the ride that you no longer want to have.
Tap the Delete button when you reach the “Delete ride” option.

How to delete Lyft destinations

If you select’remove filter’ after tapping the ‘Edit’ button that is located next to the address of the destination, you will once again start getting normal ride requests.

Lyft driver ride history

Make use of the ‘Ride history’ option if you want to add tips, report missing things, export ride receipts, or ask for pricing evaluations. You will also get a ride receipt via email from Lyft when your money has been completed for a trip or within 24 hours after completing a journey, whichever comes first. Within the ‘Ride history’ section of your Lyft app, you will see the option to export your ride receipts.

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