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How do i delete all my Google activity 2022

Best Answer, How do i delete all my Google activity Go to myactivity.google.com from your Android phone or tablet. Select Delete from the drop-down menu above your action. All of the time should be tapped in. Press the Next key to proceed with the process. Delete.

How do i delete all my Google Activity

Remove search history In the Google app on your Android phone or tablet, go to the top of the screen. At the top right of the screen, tap your profile picture or initials. Then, click Search history and then History.

Delete all Searches My Activity

The Chrome app should be running on your Android device. Go to myactivity.google.com to see what you’ve been up to on Google. The Safari app can also help you get to the site if you’re on an iPhone or iPad.

Take a look at the Choose more icon (three vertically stacked horizontal lines). Then choose Delete Activity by clicking on it (as seen above).

Just below the “Delete by Date” section, click the drop-down arrow and choose “All Time” to delete everything.

It will show up if you click the Delete button. Remove your Android Google search history by tapping OK. This will delete everything.

Delete My Activity automatically

On your Android phone or tablet, go to the Google app and start it up. At the top right of the screen, tap your profile picture or initial. Then, search history and then Controls, and then you can change how the app works.

It’s on the “Web & App Activity” card. Tap Auto-delete to get rid of everything (Off). This means that if you find “Auto-delete (On),” Google automatically deletes all of your Web and App Activity and your Search history after a certain amount of time has passed. To change the time or turn it off, click Auto-delete (On).

How do you delete all Google activity at once?

To go to myactivity.google.com on your computer, type myactivity in the address bar and press enter. Delete from the drop-down menu above your work. In the drop-down menu, choose All time. Before you do anything else, decide whether or not you want to delete your data for good. Delete

How do I completely delete Google search history?

Find Google Search Engine and open Chrome. Right-click in the address bar, or press +Control+Shift while clicking it, to open a menu. Choose History from the choices that are shown. Click Clear Browsing Data on the left to get rid of all your browsing data. Drop-down menu: Choose how much history you want to delete. Make sure that “browsing history” is checked before you move on to the next step. Choose how much data to delete (e.g., an image) and then click “Clear data.” Make sure that any items that you don’t want deleted aren’t checked.

How do I erase my search history on my iPhone?

To get rid of your history and cookies, go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data in the menu. Remove All Website Data is the option you should choose if you want to clear your cookies and keep your history.

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