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How do i delete addresses on amazon

Best Answer, Scroll to the “Account Settings” section at the bottom of the page. Select “Your Addresses” from the drop-down menu. All of your stored addresses may be found on the “Your Addresses” tab. Tap “Remove” beside the address you want to delete.

How do i delete addresses on amazon

Scroll down to the “Account Settings” area at the bottom of the page. Select “Your Addresses” from the drop-down menu. On the “Your Addresses” tab, you will discover a list of all of the addresses that you have stored. Locate the address you want to remove and click on the “Remove” button beneath it.

this address is used as your residential address for digital purchases. to delete this address first

Select Manage Your Content and Devices from the drop-down menu. Select Edit Payment Method on the Payment Settings page from the Preferences menu. After you have selected a new payment method or added a new one, click Continue. Enter your billing address, then click Continue to go through your options one more time.

How to change Digital purchase address on Amazon

To add and manage your addresses, follow these steps:

Go to the section under Your Addresses.

Choose one of the following options: To add a new address, select Add address from the drop-down menu.

Amazon shipping address problem

The item’s physical dimensions exceed the shipment restrictions. In addition, the package’s maximum length or breadth must not exceed 108 inches, and its maximum weight must not exceed 70 pounds.
Because it is too large or unusually shaped to ship, the item is not suitable for delivery.
The product in question is a restricted item. Products sold on Amazon.com must be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as Amazon’s own standards and procedures.
Certain biohazard products (including, but not limited to, lithium batteries) are not permitted to be sent to your location due to local regulations.
Some carriers are unable to deliver to specific types of addresses.
We are unable to ship to your area owing to government import/export regulations, manufacturer constraints, or warranty concerns. We apologize for any inconvenience.
You’re sending to a freight forwarder in the United States, but your purchase contains products that are prohibited from being exported.

Amazon Address Book

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Amazon Address Book is available at www.amazon.com.

Change billing address Amazon

To update your billing address on Amazon desktop, go to the “Accounts & Lists” section of the Amazon Home page and select “Accounts & Lists.” When you go to the next screen, click on “Payment Options,” and then choose the specific card whose billing address has to be modified. When you click on the “Edit” button next to the card, you will be presented with the opportunity to “Change” your billing address on the next page.

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