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How do I delete a message in GroupMe?

Best Answer, How do I delete a message in GroupMe Go to the GroupMe app and search for the conversation you’re looking for. In the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the chat avatar, choose “Settings.” Click “Clear Chat History,” and then click “Clear” once again in the window that appears to confirm your decision.

How do I delete a message in GroupMe?

(Windows 10 Insiders may already have the beta versions 2.50 and 3.0 installed.) The function is straightforward: long-pressing on a recently sent message brings up a menu that includes the word ‘delete.’ For the first time, unlike on some other social media platforms, a skeletal message is left to indicate that a deletion has happened.

How to delete GroupMe message on Iphone

Make a selection of the conversation from which you wish to remove the message.
Locate the message you wish to delete and either press and hold on it or click the three dots next to it to confirm the deletion of the message.
Select Delete, then select Delete once more to remove the item.

why can’t you delete messages on groupme

Remember that you will not be able to remove your GroupMe messages, so think again before clicking the “Send button.” The ability to wipe your chat history or conceal the messages is not the same as being able to delete the messages themselves. There is only one method to completely remove a discussion from the system: stop a group (but just the one you started), but this also removes the whole conversation.

If you hide a message in GroupMe can others still see it

If you choose to conceal a message on GroupMe, it will be hidden from the main chat window and will be inaccessible to all other participants in the conversation. The message will, however, continue to be available to administrators of the chat as well as anybody who joins the conversation after the message has been concealed from view.

How to delete GroupMe messages on Android

Open the GroupMe app and go to the conversation you wish to join.

Select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the avatar of the person or conversation.
After that, locate the item “Clear Chat History” in the list and confirm your selection by clicking on “Clear” in the popup window that appears.

How to Unhide a message in GroupMe

Select More from the drop-down option.

Select Archive from the drop-down menu. Your previously hidden conversations are now visible.
Select the conversation that you wish to make visible again.
Select the avatar of the group (profile picture).
Select Settings, then Unhide Chat from the drop-down menu.

GroupMe This message was deleted

Select Delete, then select Delete again to remove the item from the list. All recipients of the message will have it erased, and a notice will appear in the conversation indicating that the message has been deleted.

Can admin delete GroupMe messages

Microsoft’s GroupMe messaging software is finally gaining a feature that has been requested for quite some time: the ability to erase previously transmitted messages. The functionality is now being rolled out to beta versions of iOS, Android, and Windows 10 (UWP), and it is expected to be made available in production within the next several weeks. It is possible that Windows 10 Insiders are running version 2.50.

What does hiding a message on GroupMe do

Yes, concealing a message in GroupMe prevents it from being seen by anybody else. A copy of the message will not be saved in the chat history, and it will not be delivered to anybody who is not now participating in the conversation.

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