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How do I change my primary exchange account in Outlook

Best Answer How do I change my primary exchange account in Outlook Close Outlook. Get started. Click Control Panel here. Click on the icon for Mail. Remove all other accounts from Account Settings. Then, get rid of the main account. Click the Data Files tab now that all the accounts have been taken away.

How do I change my primary exchange account in Outlook

Close the Outlook application. Go back to the beginning of the process. Control Panel can be found here. You can access your email by clicking the mail icon.
Remove all additional accounts from the Account Settings page. Remove the primary account after that. The Data Files tab is now accessible after all accounts have been deleted.

Change default Exchange account Outlook

Set up your first email account in Outlook 2016 and get started. Select Exchange ActiveSync as the “Type” in the Account Settings. Complete the wizard with the same information as before. Outlook 2016 mail app now opens with the default account and calendar set to the one I originally entered.

How to change the primary account in Outlook

Select the Email option.
Select the account that you wish to be the default for all of your messages.
The Set as Default button should be clicked.

How to remove primary account in Outlook without removing other accounts

The first account that is added to a profile is designated as the primary account in Outlook. In order to remove a primary account from a profile, all other Exchange accounts in that profile must also be deleted first.

How to remove primary account from Outlook 365

Email Accounts; Mail Setup, click on ; Email Accounts; Change the Primary Account.

Outlook primary account cannot be removed

The first account to be added to the profile is the principal Exchange account. Until all other Exchange accounts are removed from a profile, the primary account can’t be removed from a profile (the primary is removed, the next Exchange account added is considered the primary).

How to change account in Outlook

Select File from the File menu in Outlook. Click on the dropdown menu next to “Account Information” to select the account you wish to modify. Go to the Account Settings menu. It’s time to select the type of data you wish to alter.

Primary account for the user cannot be determined

When attempting to start Mimecast for Outlook, Microsoft Office displays a “Default account is not an exchange account” problem message.

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