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How Did Diana Jenkins Make Her Money [ Step by Step ]

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a businesswoman and philanthropist who was born and reared in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her family moved to the United States when she was a little child. She now calls the state of California home. During the siege of Sarajevo, Jenkins was forced to flee her own country and eventually settled in London, where she attended school at City University of London.

Roger Jenkins, Sanela Diana’s husband, was employed at Barclays Bank throughout their marriage. Despite this, the couple separated after a decade of marriage and went on to have two children together. They are said to have initially spoken to one another at a gym.

Human rights activist Sanela Diana Jenkins has built a successful beverage firm while simultaneously gaining international recognition for her advocacy activities. On May 11, 2022, Bravo’s reality series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” welcomed its newest cast member, Diana Jenkins.

Sanela Diana Jenkins will be on RHOBH for the 12th time. Because of her wealth, she is able to aid individuals in need, even after being divorced for a long period of time. Why don’t you tell me how much money she has. It turns out that the dissolution of her marriage was a boon for her.

Sanela “Diana” Jenkins, the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has been claimed to be the franchise’s richest full-time cast member by far. When co-star Crystal Kung-Minkoff had to explain what an outlet mall was in Episode 3, it became evident just how wealthy she is.

In addition to not shopping at one, Jenkins does not shop at all. The designers merely send her clothes, she stated. After paying for the items she decides to retain and return those she finds unappealing. Not at all modest.” In order for me to really own it, I must own it myself.

How Did Diana Jenkins Make Her Money

While providing classic and cutting edge media strategy and branding, public relations, recording, distribution and licencing services, D Empire Entertainment is a full-service music label that represents both emerging and established artists. In addition to being CEO of D Empire Entertainment, Sanela Diana Jenkins is also the company’s creator.

Roger Jenkins, an executive in the financial sector, was her husband of choice when they wed in 1999. After 10 years of marriage and the birth of two children, the couple decided to divorce. Despite this, they are still on cordial terms. Not only are they great friends, but according to the Daily Mail, they had the “happiest divorce ever” in 2012.

Diana Jenkins net worth

Diana Jenkins is a TV personality and businesswoman from Bosnia who has accumulated a net worth of $300 million over the course of her career.

She is one of the Beverly Hills Housewives cast members that brings in the most money for their participation in the programme. She was given a role in the 12th season, which debuted on May 11th, 2022 on television.

In addition to being recognised for her efforts in the community, particularly in the field of human rights advocacy, she has also been successful in establishing a beverage firm. Jenkins is an actor that has been in a number of popular television series.

It is anticipated that Diana Jenkins’s net worth would be close to $300 million by the year 2022. Because she is such a shrewd businesswoman, the majority of her wealth comes from the entrepreneur aspect of her life.

As an activist, Jenkins has been successful in both making money for himself and raising money for a wide variety of worthy causes. The recent addition of her role on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has made a considerable contribution to her net worth. Her divorce also resulted in a staggering $300 million settlement for her, which she received as a bonus.


Jenkins worked with Melissa Odabash and bought her swimsuit brand. She’s the CEO of her own beverage brand, Neuro Line. California-based firm.

She started D Empire Entertainment, a record company that represented fresh talents and well-known musicians with a new viewpoint on creative innovation, conceptualization, branding, recording, licencing, and distributing.

Jenkins joins in Season 12. She’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother, refugee, and Bosnian war survivor. She built successful companies and a non-profit effort to increase Human Rights awareness. Celebrities also help increase awareness.

In honour of her Bosnian war-killed brother, she launched the Irnis Catic Foundation. Jenkins was praised for her charity activities at the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina Gala in D.C.

She also launched the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights initiative, the first programme at UC Berkeley to promote human rights. Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization was also created by her. Elton John AIDS Foundation presented Jenkins the Enduring Vision Award for raising AIDS awareness.

She also published a photographic book, ‘Room 23,’ with revenues going to her charitable efforts. Deborah Anderson took the photos.

Early Life

Jenkins was given the birth name Sanela Dijana Catic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia in 1973. She was born into a household that belonged to the middle class. Both of her parents had jobs; her father was an economist, and her mother was an auditor. She was the only child in the household.

While she was attending the University of Sarajevo in 1992, she was compelled to leave the country owing to the conflict. Before relocating to London, she was a refugee in Croatia for a period of one year. According to the allegations, her brother was shot down by Serb forces when he was 21 years old.

After a delay of two years, she was accepted into City University in London and was able to complete her education there. She received high honours at her graduation and received a Bachelor of Science degree in both Economics and Computer Science.

Jenkins was awarded permanent citizenship and acknowledged for her honesty and reliability in the workplace as a result of her outstanding academic accomplishments.

Diana Jenkins business

Neuro Brands, a prominent privately-owned lifestyle drink business, was founded, chaired, and is led by Sanela Diana Jenkins. Neuro’s Chairman and Founder, Sanela Diana Jenkins, hails from the United States.

The idea behind Neuro Drinks was to provide a healthy alternative to what Jenkins saw as a world that was becoming too reliant on coffee and self-medication. Jenkins sought the help of a team of nutritionists and scientists to develop a range of beverages that provide important nutrients to today’s stressed-out consumers in a tasty and handy form.

You can find NeuroGasm, NeuroBliss, NeuroSonic and more in the 24/7 healthy functioning line. Each of these seven blends has been specially formulated to deliver important nutrients that help you perform at your best. Natural ingredients and recyclable packaging are used in the creation of these beverages, which are intended to support and promote an active lifestyle on a daily basis.

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