How can i delete my name from whitepages 2022

Best Answer, How can i delete my name from Whitepages Visit Name and address in the text fields. Navigate to your submission and click the “View Details” option.
When you access the website, you’ll see a big list of all the information WhitePages has on you. You’ll also see several sky-blue links leading to additional personal information about you. This is the premium data behind a paywall.

To copy your profile’s URL, use Control + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac. Continue to the opt-out page, which is available here. Paste your URL in the dialogue box that appears and click “Opt-out”.
WhitePages will ask for your name and personal details to validate the information. Then choose “Remove me” if the information is true and “Take me back” if the URL is incorrect. Explain why you wish to remove the data. “Submit”

WhitePages will contact you and ask you to enter a security code. After entering the proper code, you will be contacted automatically. You will be prompted to input a four-digit code, and the robot will then validate your request. Refresh the page containing the code.

How can i delete my name from whitepages

The Whitepages opt-out page is there.
Paste the URL of your listing into the box. Then click “Save.”
Check the record you want to get rid of, then click the “Remove me” button.
There will be a confirmation call next. You’ll need to enter your cell phone number.
Wait for the verification robocall, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Whitepages opt-out page In the search box, type your name and city.

Even if you see your own profile, don’t click “View Full Report” since you’ll have to pay. Instead, scroll down to another profile with a “View Details” option. By clicking the button, you will be transported to your own listing.

Copy your page’s URL.

Paste your listing’s URL into the Whitepages opt-out page and click “Opt-out”.

On the following page, confirm this is your listing. Click “Remove me”.

This is followed by an opt-out question. Click ‘Next’ and choose ‘I simply want my information private’.

Next, make a phone call to confirm your identification. Enter your phone number to obtain a code. After inserting the code, tick the box to remove the listing from white pages. “Call now to verify”

Finally, an automated call will ask for the verification code shown on the following screen. When asked, enter the code. The call will inform you that your opt-out request was granted and that your profile will be deleted within 24 hours.

Congratulations! You have successfully opted out of

Why am I not on Whitepages

Whitepages has a lot of personal information about a lot of people, which many people don’t like. This is because scammers could get their hands on the information and use it to spam, scam, and robocall people, as well as spam and scam texts.

White pages opt out 2022

You need to fill out an opt-out form and call the number on the form to make sure you want to remove your business from the white pages. After that, your ad should be taken down in 24 hours.

White Pages personal information

Many websites keep and show your personal contact information, like your name, relatives, and even where you live. Whitepages is just one of many of these websites. These sites, which are called “people search” sites, can be used by anyone who knows your name and age.

How does Whitepages get information

From property deeds, telephone companies, and public records, Whitepages gets its information. When Whitepages publishes personal contact information, many people are worried about privacy. To remove yourself or change and update your information, you can use the website’s tools to do so.

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