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How can hotmail account delete 2022

Best answer How can hotmail account delete In order to delete your Hotmail email account, you will first need to log in to your account, and then you will need to go to the settings page. Click the “Remove Account” button on that page, and then click the “Confirm” button to confirm that you wish to delete your account.

How can hotmail account delete

You may log in using the credentials you’ve saved by going to account.microsoft.com.
Simply go to the top of the website and choose the option labeled “Your Info.”
Simply scroll down until you reach the section labeled “Help with Microsoft account.”
Follow the instructions under “How to cancel your account.”
You have the option of having Microsoft save your data for either 30 or 60 days depending on your preference.
Just go on to the next step.
Perform all of the different security checks that are required.

How to delete Hotmail account 2022

To close your Hotmail account, you need to first sign in to your account, and then choose the “Accounts” button from the menu that appears once you do so. Simply delete your account by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and clicking the link there. If you want to confirm that you really do want to cancel your account, you may do so by clicking the button that says “Yes, delete my account.”

How to delete Hotmail account from phone

Select the account that you wish to delete from the drop-down menu labeled “Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts,” then click the Manage button. Choose to Delete Account from This Device from the drop-down menu. To confirm, choose the Delete button.

How to delete Hotmail account on iPhone

Tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your home screen.

While scrolling down, tap the item that says “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.”
From the list of email accounts that you have set up on your device, choose your Hotmail account to access it.
Tap the button labeled “Delete Account” that’s located at the very bottom of the screen.

How to delete Microsoft account in Mobile

To learn more about the Link to Windows service, go to Settings > Connected Devices > Link to Windows > About Link to Windows.

or Swipe your finger down from the top of the screen to display the Quick Panel, and after that, choose Link to Windows from the menu that appears.
To access your Microsoft account, go here.
Scroll down until you reach the section labeled “Link to Windows.” Here, you will see the email address and Microsoft account that you have used in the past.
Select the Remove Account option.
To complete disabling the links, go to the “Step 2” section lower down this page.

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