PTI Government provides green Buses to Karachi

The central government of Pakistan provides green buses to the city of light. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has announced a huge package for Karachi. The Green Line bus service project is about to be inaugurated inside Quid city. 40 BRT have arrived inside Karachi which will be on the road by next month ie by November and you can see them running in the big city. PTI Government provides green Buses to Karachi.

Karachi and transport

There was a big problem for the citizens to travel inside Karachi. The people of Karachi were very worried. At that time there were dilapidated buses for travel that were inoperable. They were tired. Now the government of Pakistan, realizing their situation, has announced a new bus. All the buses are coming. At present, 40 buses have arrived.

Green Buses will cover Distance

The total number of green buses ordered for the City of lights from China is 80. At present 40 buses have arrived in Pakistan. This BRT bus will take people who want to travel a distance of 26 km daily and On a daily basis, 450,000 people will be able to travel and the government also claims that we will increase this number to one million. People will be able to travel comfortably on these BRT buses and they will be able to travel to their homes, offices and You will be able to go to work easily, it will not be a problem.

Karachi Circular Railway

Before that, there was a huge project of circular railway inside City of light. Which had a train running inside it called circular railway which covered the surrounding cities. People used to travel on it and it was also a comfortable journey. People occupied the railway site due to which the railway track was buried down. Then on the order of the Supreme Court, all the circular railway roads were cleared and this project is still going on and this project will be completed soon. Will provide a transport facility to the city of lights.

Importance the city of lights

It is said that Karachi is the city of lights and also called the mother of Green land. Its people do a lot of work because Karachi is a famous port of Pakistan. It Will be taken from place to place which will greatly increase the economy of Pakistan and even then Karachi is an important place for Pakistan. The government is paying a lot of attention to this and providing facilities to the people so that people can live their lives easier and work there with great interest and ease which will further improve the economy of Pakistan.

Green buses inauguration

Now the green bus service will be inaugurated in November because when all the BRT will reach inside then the government of Pakistan will inaugurate it and make it available for the citizens. At that time green buses were run on the roads only for checking. Their performance is being monitored and their use is being looked at in a very good way.

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