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Get SBI Net Banking OTP On Email in 1 Minute

On practically all transactions, people who use SBI internet banking obtain an OTP. When transferring money from one bank account to another, an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. Due to network delays, you may not have received the OTP on your phone.

You may find yourself in a situation where your network provider’s network coverage is unavailable. In some circumstances, you will not receive an OTP on your phone. You will not receive OTP if you are traveling outside of India and have not activated international roaming on your mobile phone number.

You must first update your email on SBI net banking before you can set up to get OTP by email. If you have only added your current email to SBI online banking, then proceed with the steps below. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting SBI internet banking OTP on your phone. Follow the steps below.

Today in This Article We Lean About Getting SBI Net Banking OTP On Email From Different ways. If You want to Know to Get SBI Net Banking OTP On Email So carefully read our Complete Article For Better Understanding So here is a Complete Guide How To Get SBI Net Banking OTP On Email.

How to Get SBI Net Banking OTP On Email

STEP 1: Log in to SBI internet banking using your user ID and password. After logging into your internet banking account, you’ll notice certain options in the page’s upper bar. On the upper bar, select the first option, ‘My account and profile.’ More options will show after clicking on ‘My accounts and profile.’ Locate and select the ‘Profile’ option.

STEP 2: You’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll be prompted to enter your profile password. Click submit after entering the profile password. On the screen now, you’ll find a selection of numerous alternatives. Select ‘High-security choices’ from the drop-down menu.

STEP 3: After completing this step, you will be led to a website with four high-security options. You must select the option mode of authentication with OTP’ and the option ‘SMS and email’ from among these alternatives. After choosing the ‘SMS and email’ option, click the ‘Submit button.

You’ve completed the entire procedure. When you transfer money from your account, you will now receive an OTP on your phone and through email. If you don’t have access to a cell phone, you can still receive an OTP by email and use it to transfer funds.

Many people search on Google I am not getting OTP from SBI net banking here is an answer If you do not receive the SBI OTP for each transaction by SMS, you will need to check in to your SBI net banking account, and change your high-security password.

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