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Get SBI Bank Statement In 1 Minute

We may obtain a bank statement from the State Bank of India in a variety of methods. This post will teach you how to obtain an SBI Bank Statement or an SBI Account Statement in a variety of methods.

In comparison to other banks in India India’s state bank provides the most convenient Internet banking service. SBIs new mobile banking app Yoho provides more convenient and feature rich services than any other bank in India. It is simple to obtain the SBI bank statement on mobile using the SBI mobile banking app Yono. The SBI bank statement pdf may now be accessed offline using the yono app.

You dont have to go to your SBI branch to get your sbi bank statement pdf. You may receive your sbi bank statement and pdf password on your phone. Continue reading this tutorial and follow the simple steps to get the SBI bank statement PDF on your mobile device.

How to get SBI Bank Statement Online Easily

You may produce an online bank account statement for a certain date range month and year.

The bank statement is available online in paper or as an Excel or PDF file.

Account statements may be downloaded to mobile devices via SBI mobile apps or SBI online Banking.

Your email address must be registered with the bank in order to get an account statement. You will receive it in encrypted PDF format that is password secured. The method for obtaining a bank statement online is outlined below.

Get Account statement through internet Banking Online

Log in to your SBI Internet Banking account Click here

On the left hand side choose Account statement.

Choose an account for which you wish to get an Account statement.

Choose an option for the statement period. You may sort by day month last six months or fiscal year.

If you choose By Date enter the Start and End Dates. If you choose By Month choose Year and Month from the drop down menu.

If you choose Financial Year pick Financial Year from the drop down menu.

If you only want to view the account statement online choose View Option. The amount of records per page may be chosen via a drop down menu. There are five different sizes to choose from 25 50 75 100 and 125. It will be ALL by default.

Choose Get in MS Excel Format or Download in PDF Format if you wish to download your account statement.

Get Account statement Using YONO Mobile App

Install the YONO LITE SBI app on your phone and sign in with your internet  banking user name and password.

Select the My Accounts tab.

Select View Download Statement.

Account should be selected.

Choose a start and an end date. If you wish to see your account statement click View otherwise click Download.

The PDF version of your account statement will be stored to your mobile device. Password protection will be applied to the file.

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