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How to Fix Citibank Credit Card Transaction Declined Issue

Citibank is a global bank that gives different items and administrations. One of the fundamental items is its Visa. On the off chance that you utilize a Citibank Visa to buy anything and your transaction got bombed you need to peruse this post.

Here we will attempt to track down every one of the potential arrangements that brought about transaction disappointment. There can be different explanations behind this.

Before we leap to the primary point, ensure you should know the importance of transaction declined or disappointment.

Fix the Citibank Credit Card Transaction Declined Issue


  1. Well, there may be a lot of motivations behind why you are getting this mistake while doing the installment. we will attempt to cover the situations for this blunder and furthermore the manners in which you can fix it.

Exhausted Credit Card Limit

  1. You probably won’t see in case you are not checking your card limit consistently however you as of now have depleted your Mastercard limit, bringing about transaction disappointment.
  2. When the transaction is declined check your card limit and in the event that you have effectively devoured your cutoff, cover your bill or utilize another Mastercard.
  3. Arrangement 2 Check your web Connection
  4. We run over once in a while that the web is extremely lethargic or the web isn’t working in any way. All things considered, the transaction cycle will be coordinated out and your transaction will be declined.
  5. Trust that the organization will reestablish and afterward utilize your charge card. it will permit you without a doubt.

Check your Citibank Transaction Settings

  1. This is the main explanation for transaction disappointment on the off chance that the individual got a Mastercard as of late. follow the means beneath to really look at the settings in the case are right.
  2. Login to the Citibank Mobile Banking App utilizing 4 digit MPIN.
  3. On the home screen, you will see your Mastercards. Click on the card for which transaction is coming up short.
  4. The chose card subtleties will show up on the following screen. select Manage Card choice on the screen.
  5. Under oversee cards, you will see Transaction Settings. you will likewise see the choice temporarily lock all transactions, Lock Domestic transactions just and Lock worldwide transactions as it were.
  6. On the off chance that your homegrown transaction is getting declined try to turn it on.
  7. In the event that your International transaction is getting declined click on the International Tab and make a point to turn it on.
  8. When you change the settings you will see a successful message on the screen. you also will get an SMS to your enlisted portable number with regards to this update.
  9. By following the above cycle, you can check your CitiBank charge card transactions settings and fix the issue.

Bank Server isn’t Responding

  1. Because of an over-burden of administration demands on a specific bank eventually on schedule, you might get this mistake and your Visa transaction will be declined.
  2. Be patient and sit tight for quite a while and afterward attempt again.it will permit you to utilize your card. you can even call your separate bank if this mistake continues to come.

Check Your Card Number

  1. While entering the card number, don’t be in rush. take as much time as necessary and enter the right card subtleties alongside the right card expiry date and CVV number.

Activate Citibank Credit Card

  1. This happens basically for the beginner Visa client who got a Citibank Visa as of late. Try to create your Visa PIN or initiate your Citibank charge card prior to utilizing it.
  2. When your charge card is actuated you can utilize it at any spot for online buy.

Contact Customer Care

  1. You can likewise call client care to check in case there is any specialized issue with the charge card or with the bank which is causing this. they will check and tell you about this.
  2. CitiBank Customer care number-1860 210 2484 (within India)/+91 22 4955 2484 for calling from outside of India.
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