Disable Online Transaction in HDFC Debit Card

HDFC bank is noted for providing superior reward points and occasional discounts on online transactions, including Debit/ATM cards. If you keep your online transactions turned on all the time, your card could be stolen.

It is always a good idea to disable and enable online transactions as needed. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to disable online transactions in your HDFC Debit card using the online method.

Documents Required for disabling online transaction in HDFC debit card

HDFC customer ID is required to disable online transactions on HDFC debit cards. Password for HDFC Internet Banking, Mobile phone number in the file. You must have a registered cellphone number with you if you wish to disable online transactions without internet banking.

Steps to disable online transaction in HDFC debit card

Disable Online Transaction in HDFC Debit Card

Step 1: Go to https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/ on your computer or mobile device to access HDFC bank net banking.

Step 2: Now type in your Customer ID OR User Name and press the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 3: Verify Secure Access ID and enter your Netbanking password.

Step4: From the main menu, select Cards after logging in to your account.

Step5: In the ‘Debit Card’ part of the left side menu, select the Request option.

Step 6: Finally, select the Set Card Controls/Usage Limits option.

Step7: Select the Card number on the new screen and click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step8: Expand the options for ‘Daily Domestic Usage/Limits’ OR Daily International Usage/Limits based on your usage on the new page.

Step9: Select the OFF radio button in front of the ‘Online Usage’ option.

Step 10: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Continue option.

Step11: On the new screen, double-check the changes you wish to keep and then click the Continue option.

Step12: Your card is no longer usable for online purchases.

How can I call customer service to Disable online transactions on my HDFC debit card?

If you don’t have access to internet banking but have a registered cellphone number, you can contact customer service to disable online transactions via IVRS.

Step 1: Dial the HDFC phone banking number https://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/need-help/customer-care) from your registered mobile number.

Step 2: Choose a bank account from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Then, using the hash key, input your customer id OR the last four digits of your card number.

Step 4: Finally, you must validate your account with an OTP provided to your registered telephone number.

Step 5: Select the Change Usage Channel option once you’ve logged in to phone banking.

Step 6: Choose the online transaction option, then disable it.

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