Data Transfer Failed Pes [100% Fixed]

Best Answer, Data Transfer Failed Pes or How to data transfer efootball First You Need to Connect Any VPN From USA Server then Download Faster & Safer Internet From Playstore and Connect it. Try Again Your problem Will be Solved.

Data Transfer Failed Pes

There are many PES players that can’t transfer their data to the new account in PES 2022 Mobile because of the “Data Transfer Failed” problem. That is why I am here, with a solution that is certain to work.

PES 2022 mobile’s squad building process is too complex and time consuming. How can you play PES 2022 with your previous account on a new phone if you purchase a new phone? You must first transfer all of your data from the old device to the new one before you can start using it.

PES gamers are having trouble transferring their data and receive an error message that says “Data Transfer Failed.” You may only transfer your data ten times each month with Konami’s permission (the game’s creator). If you’ve gone over your monthly data transfer limit, you’ll have to wait until the following month to do so again.

Note: Before uninstalling the app from your primary device, you must first create a password for that device; else, all of your data will be gone forever. Additional Important Details, Such as the Owner ID and Email Address (Use the same e-mail address which is linked with your google play account and PES account.) Team Name, Model Team Name, Owner Name, Team ID, Campaign Level (Sim), Levels.

How To Fix Data Transfer Failed in PES 2022

To Fix Data Transfer Failed Pes You Need to follow below steps first clear the Cache or Clear data or Restore your data from Pes to solve the problem.

1. Clear Data and Its Cache

Launch the Settings menu on your phone and go to the “Apps” section.

Now, choose “Installed applications” from the drop-down menu to access the location on your phone where all of your apps are stored.

After that, locate the PES 2022 game and select it using the mouse.

Next, choose Internal Storage from the menu, and then delete both the data and the cache.

Start your phone back up and make sure it’s connected to the WiFi.

Restore your data from the PES by Troubleshooting

Before everything else, To access the game’s menu, locate the three-lined button towards the bottom right of the game dashboard.

After that, choose Contact & FAQ from the drop-down menu, scroll down until you see Agree to terms, and after that, select the OK button.

Now go all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the link that says “I can’t recover my account via a data transfer.”

After that, click once more on the option that says “I can’t recover my account by utilising a data transfer.”

If you go to the top-right corner of your mobile screen and tap the Accept button, you will be sent to the official Konami website.

After you have entered all of the essential information, click the Next button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

It will unquestionably repair the problem with the Data Transfer Failed message that occurs in the PES 2022 game.

How to data transfer efootball 2022

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This error does not have a specific solution as such. The best thing you can do at this point is get in touch with KONAMI. You might also try limiting the number of times per month that you transmit data to no more than 10. You have the option of waiting for the cooldown to take effect. And then either give it another go the next month, or just begin anew.

This issue occurs most often on the PES mobile app and may be seen on a number of different game screens. It may be traced back to a fundamental factor. The amount of times that you are allowed to transmit your data in a given month is the root cause of the problem. The maximum number of times per month that data may be sent is 10.

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