Close SBI FD Online in 1 Minute

Fixed deposits are a safe method to save money and earn a higher return than regular savings accounts. Many people prefer to make a longer-term Fixed Deposit (FD) in order to get the most out of it by earning a higher interest rate when it matures. For whatever reason, you may desire to break the FD and receive the money into your account.

Today in This Article We Lean About Close SBI FD Online From Different ways. If You want to Know Close SBI FD Online So carefully read our Complete Article For Better Understanding So here is a Complete Guide How To Close SBI FD Online.

Documents Required To Close SBI FD Online

  1. Your smartphone should have the Yono SBI App loaded.
  2. User ID for SBI net banking.
  3. Password for SBI netbanking

How do I use the YONO SBI App to close an SBI FD online?

Close SBI FD Online in 1 Minute

You can effortlessly close FD online using the Yono App on your smartphone.

Step 1: Get the YONO SBI App on your phone Click Here

Step 2: Open the app and grant the appropriate permissions.

Step 3: To log in, enter your User ID and password.

Step 4: Go to the app’s home page and click Deposits once you’ve logged in.

Step5: Go to the Deposits section to see your Fixed Deposits, including the number and amount of each one.

Step6: Select the FD you want to close by tapping on the number.

Step7: Tap the Close Deposit option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 8: An OTP will be delivered to the phone number you provided. Enter this OTP on the screen and press the CONFIRM button.

Step 9: You have successfully closed your Fixed Deposit.

Step 10: The amount of the FD, as well as the cumulative interest rate, will be credited to your savings account.

How to Close SBI FD Online Using Netbanking

Following these simple instructions, you can close your FD online using SBI internet banking at any time.

To access SBI net banking, go to on your PC or smartphone.

Step 2: In the boxes given, type your username and password. After entering the captcha code, click the LOGIN button.

Step 3: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. After entering this OTP, click the CONFIRM button.

Step 4: From the main homepage, pick Fixed Deposit from the main menu.

Step5: From the new screen, select the type of Fixed Account you created.

Step6: From the drop-down option, choose Close Account Prematurely.

Step7: After selecting the account number you want to close, click the Close option.

Step 8: Add a comment, then press the Confirm button.

Step 9: Now close the fixed deposit account. This will be indicated by a notification on the screen.

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