Civil ID Renewal Online in Kuwait 2022

Civil ID Renewal Online in Kuwait 2022

Best Answer, Civil ID Renewal Online or Offline in Kuwait very Easy. Renew On Call Dial 889988. Pick option (1) to learn Arabic, and option (2) to learn English. Make your selection (1) at the service number on the voice list. Enter the number of your government-issued identification card, then wait while your request is processed.

Kuwait’s civil ID renewal Civil cards are issued and renewed, and newborns are registered by the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Civil Information, which is also in charge of all registration-related duties for Kuwaiti citizens and residents of various nationalities. The authority also works to provide many of its services via electronic means, including civil cards and newborn registration.

Kuwait is quickly growing. It requires a lot of workers. Kuwait enables millions to work there because it lacks personnel. Kuwait has 4.207 million inhabitants, according World Bank. About 70% of the people in Kuwait are expats. Kuwait has a civic ID system to monitor foreigners. Civil id must be renewed before expiration. Learn how to renew your Kuwaiti ID.

Kuwaitis require a valid Paci civil ID. Civil ID establishes domicile and assists with government and private services. But the ID expires. One or two years remain.

After the expiration date, the ID must be renewed. We should avoid public gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to PACI, they changed the Civil ID renewal to Kuwait.

Bitaqa-Almadaniyah is a civil ID. Civil ID is overseen by PACI. They oversee the ID-card procedure. They guarantee newborn babies acquire civil IDs within a certain time and renew and issue them.

How To Check Civil id expiry date

Before Renew Civil id Online You Need to Check First Your id Validity On PACI Website here is Complete Procedure to Check Civil id Expiry date.

Please check out the webpage listed here: To check the validity of your card, go to the main page and click on the link that says “Validity of the Card.” Fill in your serial number here. After entering the OTP code, click the continue button.

Once you have determined how long the validity of your civil if card is, either commit this information to memory or take the time to write it down or put it on your calendar. You would be subject to a monetary penalty if you failed to successfully renew your civil ID within the allotted time frame of one month following its expiration. Now, let’s talk about the several processes involved in the process of renewing your civil id on

Civil ID Renewal Online in Kuwait

Navigate to the webpage for the PACHI E–Envelope. Pick the language that most appeals to you. You have the option of selecting English or Arabic. Simply go to the website by clicking on the link.

Pick the service that renews your subscription. If you are a citizen of Kuwait, choose Kuwaiti as your ethnicity; if you are not a citizen of Kuwait, select Non-Kuwaiti.

After entering both the social security number and the serial number found on the card, click the Next button.

On the next screen, enter your phone number and proceed with the process. A verification OTP code will be sent to your phone, at which point you will input the number and continue.

Select your blood type, then click the “upload all required files” button, and finally, click the “submit an application” button.

Get the application printed so you can access the information whenever you need it. You will be given a reference number for your application on your mobile device. The number is vital, since a sitter will be required in order to follow the progress of your application.

In order to get your new civil id, you will be required to make a trip to the headquarters of the Public Authority of Civil Information. The precise location is in Zhara, on the ground level of the Checkers Building, in the reception hall.

How to Pay Civil ID renewal Payment 5Kd

The 5 Kuwaiti Dirham fee for renewal is charged by the Civil Information Authority. They will charge you a fee of KD 2 if your civil card does not have any kind of electronic chip. To make the payment of the fees, just follow those simple procedures.

Navigate to the website and, once there, choose Fee Payment Service from the drop-down menu. Simply provide your civil identification number and choose the fee inquiry option. You can find all of the information on the payment on the next page. To pay the fees, just follow the instructions given on the website.

Civil id renewal Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti

You can go straight to the electronic envelope system “from Here.” Choose the Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti renewal service from the list of services. Write down the cardholder’s social security number and serial number.

Click “Continue,” then type the mobile number in the field that appears. Enter the code that was sent to you via SMS, and then click the Verify button. Enter the required information and upload the files, then click “submit an application.” Print out the request to keep information and get it when you need it.

Civil id renewal Kuwait Inquiries By Phone

Residents and citizens of Kuwait may simply get civic card information by dialling the unified number 1889988 and then following the on-screen instructions provided by the automated response system until they reach the desired Civil id renewal Kuwait service.

Online procedure for renewing a civil id In Kuwait

It just costs 5 KD in Kuwait to renew your Civil ID every time it expires. When making a purchase online, credit cards may be used to pay. You will need to travel to the headquarters of the Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI) in Zhara, which is situated in the Ground Floor Reception Hall of the Checkers Building. There, you will be able to get your new Civil ID.

Go to the site for PACI E-Envelope. From there, you can choose which language you want to use. You can choose between English and Arabic.

You can choose to use e-services from their home page. Choose that service and then choose “Renew Civil ID.” Now, choose “Kuwaiti” if you’re a citizen of Kuwait and “Non-Kuwaiti” if you’re not.

When you choose this service, two boxes appear: one for the Civil ID number and one for the Serial Number. Enter the card’s Civil Number and Serial Number carefully and click next or confirm.

When you confirm your Civil ID number, you’ll be taken to the next page, where you’ll need to type in your phone number. Once you enter your phone number, you’ll receive an OTP code on your phone. Type that code in and hit the continue button.

When you enter the code, it will ask you to choose your blood type, upload all the necessary files, and send in your application.

Your phone will get a reference number for your application. You should keep a copy of the whole application. Your application can’t be tracked without this number.

How to Check Civil ID Renewal Status

First You Need to Visit Visit PACI KUWAIT’s website. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose e-services. Next, click on “Ask about Civil ID status.”

Then, choose “question” and type in your Civil ID number. You’ll see your Civil ID status on a new page. If it says you have a valid ID, your renewal was successful. If it says you need to renew, your request to renew your civil ID has not yet come.

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