Civil id Payment Online for Renewal 2022

Civil id Payment Online for Renewal 2022

If you want to pay for your civil ID online, here is the right place to do it. We walked you through each step of the procedure for making an online payment for your civil ID. Therefore, read the article with extreme caution. The majority of people in Kuwait want to pay for their civil IDs online, however many are unsure of the steps involved in making an online payment for their civil ID. Therefore, here is a technique to pay for your Civil ID online from your mobile device or computer.

In a few simple steps, this post will show you how to pay for your Kuwait Civil ID online. There is a lack of knowledge among Kuwaitis as to how to pay for civil ID payments online. Renewing your Kuwaiti Civil ID is as simple as making a phone call or using a computer at home.

Civil id Payment Online for Renewal

To pay for the renewal of your Civil ID, you must go to the website for the government of Kuwait. When you open the website, it will take you to a different website page. On this page, you can find a lot of information about how to pay for your Civil ID online.

When you choose “Card and Fine Payment,” you will be asked for your Civil ID numbers. Please be careful. Make sure you enter the right number from your Civil ID card. After you enter the number, press the “Submit” button to move on.

After you click the “Submit” button, a new web page will open with columns for each type of payment. This is also very important; you must check your information and fees twice.

Now, you must click the button that says “pay.” The button to pay can be found at the bottom of the page. When you click the “pay” button, you’ll be taken to a new web page. On this new page, you will need to enter all of your payment information for renewing your Civil ID.

Enter the information about how you want to pay here. You must write down your Civil ID number and other information. If you use Kuwait’s National Bank, you can go straight to this bank and enter your card number and the date it expires.

After you’ve put in all the needed information, carefully type in your PIN. When you’ve done everything you need to, press the “Submit” button.

After you click “Submit,” you will be taken to the homepage of the Civil ID payment. Here is where you will get a message. The payment process for a Civil ID is done.  When you’re done making your payment, you can either print your receipt from this page or save it to your phone for your records.

Civil id Payment Online for Non Kuwaiti

You have access to the envelope system from this vantage point. You will have the opportunity to pick Non-Kuwaiti Renewal Service via the System Interface.

Putting the PACI Payment Civil Number and the Serial Number into the fields that have been provided for them. After entering your phone number, you will need to click the Continue option. Wait for the Verification Code to come, then choose the option to submit it when it appears on your screen.

You may validate the code by entering it into the appropriate field and then pressing the button. After validating the phone number and email address, you may next upload the necessary files. You will need to print out the application and then send it in before you can get the card.

How To Get a Paci Civil ID Card

In order to acquire your ID card after registering or renewing, you must visit the Public Authority for Civil Information. To prevent large crowds, they only let a specific amount of individuals inside their workplace at a time. Booking an appointment online is required. To make a reservation, follow these instructions.

“From here,” you can go to the official website of the Civil Information Authority.

Find Book Appointment in the menu at the top. Read everything on the next page, and then go on.

On the next page, click “Book a New Appointment.” Give your social security number and cell phone number.

Choose the location you want to go to. Type in how many transactions you want to make, and then move on.

Read the instructions on the next page and click “next” to finish the card appointment. Use the card to get the barcode. You might have to prove it.

PACI Head Office Location Contact Number

You will have to make your way to the Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI) offices in Zhara, which can be found in the Ground Floor Reception Hall of the Checkers Building. You will be able to get your new civil identification card at that location or dial  +965 1889 988.

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