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Civil ID Home Delivery Registration 2022

If You Searching how to apply for a civil ID Delivery in Kuwait for only 2KD This is the Best Place for You. PACI Link makes Civil ID Home Delivery Registration Very easy Online. In This Post, We Learn How To Request/Apply For Your Civil Id Home/Office Delivery Please Read Our Complete Article On Civil Id Delivery In Kuwait. Because We Know How to Request For Civil ID Home Delivery in Kuwait via Mobile/PC step by step.

The PACI launched a service Name is Civil id delivery to distribute new civil cards to citizens and residents into Home/office to solve problems. PACI Home Delivery Fees is 2kd now allows them to acquire their cards at home. Delivery is 2 KD, however, each additional card is 0.25 KWD.

PACI Your new Civil id card is automatically sent to your given address as you complete your civil id delivery request on www.paci.gov.kw. For Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, and others who cannot travel to the office to pick up their card, this service saves time and money. Your Civil ID in 2 Kuwaiti Dinars.

PACI Kuwait civil id Home delivery Request is simple. Registration for Home delivery in 3 to 5 minutes at delivery.paci.gov.kw. Also, Kuwait civil id home delivery tracking is simple. Enter your Civil ID number to check your delivery status on your mobile.

Civil id Home Delivery Registration in Kuwait From https://delivery.paci.gov.kw/ Page is Very easy Just Click On Start Service and fill the Information pay fees your New Civil ID Card Delivered to Your Given Address In Minimum Time. Here is Complete Process to request For Civil id delivery Online.

Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Registration Process

To Request For Civil ID Delivery First, You need to visit the delivery.paci.gov.kw link and Comple Your Registration for Civil id Home delivery. Follow these Step To Complete The Registration

For Civil ID Delivery First Visit https://delivery.paci.gov.kw Here

Choose “English” from the main page.

Accept the terms and conditions and click “Start” for Civil Id delivery.

You may choose an old Civil ID card from the drop-down option on the new page.

And if not, If the old card isn’t available, pick “Old Card Not Available” (for instance, in the case of newborns or first-time issuances).

Fill in the “Civil ID Number” box.

Input the card’s serial number. Your Civil Identification Card’s serial number is printed on the reverse.

After entering the serial number, click “Add”. Your payment card details will be saved. You may also see the entire cost of this order. To add additional cards, choose “More Card” from the drop-down menu. Continue as before to add a new card to your collection. Adding a second card to the same address will cost 0.25 KWD per card.

Next, add a card and Then Add the recipient’s name, the date and time of your card, and your contact information.

You may choose between morning or nighttime delivery.

Choose a language (English or Arabic).

Choose the Card Address option from the drop-down menu. If you need to manually enter the card information, make careful to include the complete address.

At this stage, choose “Next”. a new page where you may confirm your shipping information Assure it is now.

After checking your contact details, click “Next” to go on to the next stage. If your contact information is correct, click next.

To continue, click “Continue”. A new page appears.

Now enter your bank account details and click “Submit.” Your order will be submitted and your receipt is shown. Take a printout or a screenshot on your phone.

The civil ID was provided to the house as requested. If there is a problem with your home delivery, the delivery company will phone you. The delivery supplier will send the IDs to your home address within two business days of receiving them.

Many Kuwaitis search Google for Civil ID Payment. Civil ID payment through bank account while applying for home delivery After filling up all the information, you must pay 2KD or 2.5KD fees by bank transfer. By entering card information, you authorize Payment for delivery.

While Applying for Civil ID delivery and you get this Message Civil id not ready for delivery Then you need to Wait 2 to 3 days. Because yet Your Civil id Not ready for delivery. After 2 to 3 days later try again for home delivery request.Are You Found this type of message Sorry this civil ID is not ready for delivery please try later 886, Call the delivery Center 22066550 or You Need to wait some days and gain request for delivery

Kuwait Civil ID Delivery Contact Number

If you have a complaint or want to ask about delivery, this is the Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Contact number: 22066550. When you apply for a civil ID delivery, your contact number will show up. On a form from PACI delivery, they say to call 22066550 if you have any problems, questions, or want home delivery.

PACI’s office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Sunday. PACI now works from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with no breaks in between. 14 hours Friday and Saturday are “off” days. You can look at this information if you want to know what PACI time it is today.

Call 965 1844447 on Sundays and Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can also send an email. Phone to find out about things like civil ID renewal, getting it, or getting it at your house. PACI is closed on Friday and Saturday.

This afternoon, the PACI office will be closed. Tomorrow is also a holiday, so you should plan to go to the PACI office the next day after tomorrow. Fridays and Saturdays are PACI holidays, and they are marked with a red ribbon. Civil ID cards must be picked up from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

Frequently Asked Question

How To Pay Civil ID delivery payment?

To get your Civil ID, you’ll also have to pay the fees online through your bank account. To pay the 2KD or 2.5KD fees that come with filling out all of the information, you will need to pay with your bank account. When you put in your credit card information, your payment will be taken right away so that the package can be delivered.

What is the Civil id Home Delivery Contact Number?

The Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Contact Number is 22066550. If you have any complaints, questions or need something delivered, this is the number. As soon as you apply for a civil ID delivery, your contact information will be shown. For help, complaints, or questions, as well as for home delivery, call the number 22066550 on the PACI delivery form, which says to do so.

How To Check/Track Civil ID delivery status?

Go to PACI’s website to see if your civil ID has been delivered. To choose an option, click on “Option.” People who want to order from PACI should look for this at the top of the page. To see the delivery order status, choose “Delivery Order Status” from the drop-down menu. Now, type in the Civil ID Number in the blank box and hit the search button now. The new page shows you where your order is at.

How To Registration for civil id home delivery?

First, go to the PACI website. Here is the link: https://delivery.paci.gov.kw/ Start Service Your Civil Id will be delivered to your given address in 2 days after you pay the fees for the Civil Id and delivery.

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