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Civil ID Expiry Date Check in 1 Minute

Without a valid civil ID, it is no longer possible to live in Kuwait. While residing in Kuwait, you must be familiar with all of the government’s new rules and regulations. Kuwait has attracted people from all around the world if they are working, visiting, or conducting business. He’ll need to know everything there is to know about Civil ID. It will also be advantageous to you.

And today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Civil ID. How to Check Your Status and Find Out When Your Ticket Expires. how to get a new ID card The entire operation Apply for a driver’s license, pay fees, get documents, and collect, among other things. I discovered the expiration date of Civil ID on my own, as I am going to tell you today. This method seems to me greatly, and very easy.

What is a Civil ID In Kuwait and Why Important?

Civil ID Cards are issued by the Kuwaiti government to all citizens. It is a type of ID card that is used for verification purposes while interacting with the government and other sectors. Information such as a person’s name, ID number, nationality, type of work, and address in Kuwait is printed on a civil ID card. An ID card is issued by the Kuwaiti government for a specific length of time, after which it must be renewed.

Can we Check the Civil ID Status On Paci Website?

Because the Kuwaiti government issued the document for a specific period of time. As a result, it is critical to check the status of your civil ID online at the PACI website. The validity of your ID card will be displayed.

A civil ID number written on your card is required to check the status of a civil D card. From the PACI website, follow these steps to check your civil ID status in Kuwait.

How to Check the Status of Your Civil ID on the PACI Website

First Visit the PACI website for further information. To learn more, go to this page.

To check the status of your civil ID, select Citizens, and Residents from the top menu.

When you select the Personal And Family option, the page Inquiry About Civil ID Status will appear.

Press the Query Button after entering your civil ID number.

The status of your civil ID will be displayed.

If you have a valid civil ID card ‘According to Our Records, You are Holding a Valid ID Card,’ will show on the screen. There is no need to renew your card.

If your identification card isn’t valid, ‘According to Our Records, You Do Not Have a Valid ID Card. You Must Renew Your Card,’ will appear on the screen.

How Can I Check The Validity Of My Civil ID On-Line

You can also use the Helpline Number to check the validity of your Kuwait Civil ID if you don’t have access to the PACI website. Checking the status by phone is a very straightforward process. The steps are outlined below.

To check the validity of your Kuwaiti civil ID, dial 1889988 from your registered mobile number.

Start automatically the computer voice Press the Required Button to Speak with a PACI Website Spokesperson Press the Required Button to Speak

When the representative on the other end of the line asks for your Civil ID number, provide it to them.

After that, he will inform you of your civil id status ID On-Line.

How To Check Civil ID Expiry Date With Kuwait Mobile ID

The Kuwaiti government has introduced the Kuwait Mobile ID, which allows you to read a lot of information about your id and find out when it expires. Without any of the Kuwait Mobile-ID, you can no longer check the expiry date on any website or app.

If your card is about to expire or has already expired, you should renew it right away. Because the Kuwaiti government’s laws are extremely tight. Keep in mind that if your visa expires, you may be subjected to hefty fines. And you could end up in jail, among other things.

To check the expiry date in a few minutes, all you need is your civil ID number. Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started.

To check the expiry date of your civil ID, first, install the Kuwait Mobile ID App from the Playstore on your phone and open it. Here’s just a complete setup for checking the expiration date.

To check the expiry date of your civil ID, first, download the Kuwait Mobile ID App by clicking here.
to find out when something is going to expire If you haven’t already, log in to your account. Click the Sign-Up button to get started.

Fill in your civil ID number, email address, and cell phone number. Tick the box that says I agree to the terms and conditions and then click the Next button.

On the following page Take a picture of yourself to confirm your Kuwait mobile ID and then click the Submit button.

Click on Proceed with Collecting Mobile ID and enter the one-time password you received in your given mobile number.

Choose your Kuwait Digital Mobile ID Pin and reenter it for confirmation, then press the Confirm, Button to complete your online registration. On the following page, click the Confirm button. Your Civil ID will be displayed in its entirety, including the expiration date.

You may easily check the expiration date of your Kuwait Civil ID by following this simple procedure. Your entire profile is displayed, including your ID number, full NBmae picture, nationality, gender, and date of birth, as well as your passport number and expiration date.

You may check your Kuwait address, registered mobile number, and much more using Kuwait Mobile-ID. Today, having a Kuwait mobile ID is quite important. Activate it on your phone for better service.

How To Renew Civil ID Online From PACI Website?

Obtaining a civil ID or renewing a civil ID in Kuwait has become relatively simple. The government has launched a new portal, PACI, via which anyone can obtain information on their ID and update their information. A Civil ID Card can also be requested using the PACI portal. Your replacement ID card will be ready and delivered to the address you supplied within a week.

With a Civil ID Card with Chip, the PACI civil ID renewal fee is 5KD. And 2KD if you don’t have a chip. If you want your card delivered to your home address, you must pay an additional 2.250 KD. In just 2.25oKD, PACI will deliver your card to your home.

To begin, go to the PACI Kuwait website at www.e.gov.kw.

Arabic to English was chosen as the language to be translated into.

Renewal of Civil ID Now go to the Civil ID Renewal and Payment Page and select Citizens and Residents, then Personal and Family.

To begin the process of renewing your civil ID, click Start e-service.

From the menu, select E-service. The PACI civil ID option will now appear on your phone’s screen.
Now is the time to enter your civil ID number and press the Inquiry Button. Renewal Payments are 5 KD with a chip and 2 KD without a chip.

Now pay with your KNet account by entering a card number, expiration date, and pin, then pressing the OK button.

Now that you’ve clicked I Agree with the Terms and Conditions, your payment for the renewal of your civil ID is complete.

How To Apply Civil ID Home Delivery in Kuwait

It’s a great service that the PACI Civil ID Home Delivery will personally send your ID card to the place you specify for only 2.250KD. Everyone is now quite pleased with this service, and a Card may be obtained without difficulty from either home or office. Here’s how to apply for Civil ID home delivery online.

First, go to the PACI site for Civil ID Home Delivery at www.delivery.paci.gov.kw.

For a better understanding, choose Arabic Into English.

Accept the Delivery Service’s Terms and Conditions.

Select an option Whether or not your old ID card is still valid, enter your civil ID number and serial number

Fill in personal information such as name, address, mobile number, delivery time, email address, Area Block, Streat Building, and Unit Number, among other things.

Pay 2.250KD for Civil ID Home Delivery Fees, choose a bank and fill out the Specify Detail for Fees Payment.

A Popup Message will appear after you have paid the price. Thank you for making use of the Civil ID Delivery Service.

Just as you did with the information, Similarly, you will receive your Civil ID card on the same day for More Information. Visit www.e.gov.kw or call 1889988 for further information.

How To Check Online Kuwait Civil ID Travel Ban or Not

If you disobey a law or any of the government’s guidelines, you may be subjected to a travel ban, which prevents you from traveling further in Kuwait. The PACI website can also be used to check the status of a travel ban by entering a civil ID number.

To begin, go to www.gov.kw, Kuwait’s official website. Check the Status of the Travel Ban

Enter your Username and Password to access your account. If you don’t have an account yet, go to Electronic Inquiries and check your civil ID. Is there a travel ban or not

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the status of the travel ban.

Select the Travel Ban Option from the drop-down menu. The message “Travel Ban or Not” will be displayed on the screen.

How To Change The Latin Name In Civil ID?

If your name on your civil ID and passport differs. At the airport, you will be stopped. In Kuwait, you will not be permitted to travel further. To change your name, such as your passport name, is really necessary. On the MOI website Online From Your Cellphone, you can alter your name, mobile number, and a lot of other information.

With your Civil ID Number and Registered Mobile Number, you can quickly change your name on the MOI website. The following are the steps to update your address on the MOI website click here

To change the Latin name on your Civil ID, go to moi.gov.kw and follow the instructions.

You can also change your cell number, address, and name by selecting E-service from the top menu.

Choose Individuals after clicking on Renew Residency.

Now go to the Login Page and enter your username and password. If you don’t have an account, make one now and your name will appear. If you’re a sponsor, all of your names will appear under your sponsor.

Change Latin Name You Want to Change According to The Passport by clicking Change Latin Name You Want to Change by clicking Change Latin Name

Delete the previous name and replace it with the passport name. You can also change your mobile number, address, and other information on this page by clicking the Save button

Kuwait PACI Contact Number

(PACI) Phone number 1889988 (PACI) Email address info@paci.gov.kw (PACI) Website www.e.gov.kw
If you have any further queries about Civil ID or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will supply you with comprehensive instructions.

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