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Civil ID Delivery Registration Link and Tracking

Today, we’ll go into PACI Civil id Home Delivery in detail. Online Application Tracking and Much More with Detailed Information PACI has recently launched a Civil Card home delivery service for citizens and residents to address the issue of certain from not being able to obtain their civil id cards.

The procedure is really simple; simply follow our instructions, and they will be able to acquire their card at home via PACI’s home delivery services. The fee for this delivery is 2KD, with an additional 0.25KD price for each additional card.

Civil ID Delivery Registration Link and Tracking

To learn more about PACI’s home delivery service, click here https://delivery.paci.gov.kw/ To begin the interaction, go to https://delivery.paci.gov.kw/ and pick English from the home page. Next, accept the terms and conditions and click the START icon.

On the newly created page If you have an old civil identification card, click The Old Card is Available.

If the old Card isn’t available (for example, if it was issued to a child or for the first time), select The Old Card isn’t accessible Option.

Now, in the box, type your Civil ID Number.

Enter the serial number of your card. The serial number can be found on the backside of your civil identification card.

Press the Add button after inputting the serial number.

Your card details will be added. You may also view the overall price for this Request. By tapping the More Card option, you can add more extra cards. After then, repeat all of the preceding steps to add another card. If you add a new card to a comparable spot, you will be charged an additional 0.25kd.

On the New page, add an additional card and then hit Next. Enter your name, then the delivery time for your card, and finally your phone number.

You can select between a morning or an evening delivery time; the choice is entirely yours.

Choose your preferred language ( English or Arabic).

If you need to have your card delivered to your card address, select the Card Address option. If you need to get your card to a different place, physically enter the complete address.

Now Select Following from the drop-down menu. It will take you to a new page called Confirm Delivery Info. Confirm that it is now.

After you’ve double-checked your contact details, click the Following button, and if everything looks good, click the Next option.

Select Proceed from the drop-down menu. A new page appears.

Now Click Submit after entering your bank details. Your application will be submitted, and the details of your receipt will reveal themselves. Print your nuances or take a screenshot with your mobile device.

Now your civil id is ready for delivery to your home or office. Currently, civil card home delivery is in high demand. If the delivery organization’s delegates have any issues with in-home delivery, they will contact you.

How To Track Civil ID Delivery Status

if you want to Track Your Kuwait civil id home delivery status online here is a guide to tracking your civil id delivery from your mobile free. Whenever your civil card delivery is delayed, you can check the status of your civil id delivery or application using the links below.

If you can’t receive your civil id, you should double-check the status of your application. To get started, follow the instructions below. Check the status of your civil id delivery or civil id application.

For the purpose of tracking Go to PACI’s Website Delivery option. To go to the delivery page, click here.

To learn more, go to this page. Choose the Delivery option

This can be found in the PACI Delivery page’s correct top pick.

To track the status of your delivery request, go to the Delivery Request Status option.

Fill in the details with your civil id number and hit Search.

The current status of your application is displayed on the new page.

To ensure the protection of your civic id card, the authorities transmitted it in a secure, secure, and secret manner. They delivered your card in a secure envelope to the address of your choice, with the power logo visible on the card.

If your previous card is not available, you must surrender it to the delivery person and present the necessary documents to obtain your civil id card. You can also check the status of your civil id on the internet.

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