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Check Account Balance in SBI in 1 Minute

Customers who have an account with the State Bank of India (SBI) can check their balance in a variety of methods. In this post, we will go over all of the many ways to check your account balance in SBI.

Account customers may instantly check their SBI balance by texting “BAL” to 09223766666 from their registered cellphone number. Account-holders can request an SBI Mini Statement by texting “MSTMT” to 09223866666.

The call to 09223766666 went unanswered. To obtain the Mini statement, Send a missed call or text message to the number shown below. Call 09223866666 or SMS “MSTMT” to 09223866666 if you missed a call.

Check State Bank of India Balance Enquiry By Missed call

SBI customers can check their balance by dialing the bank’s miss call number. They can also obtain a mini-statement by making a missed call or sending a message. Make sure you contact or text SBI from your registered mobile phone.

Check State Bank of India Balance Enquiry By SMS

Customers can send SMS messages in the format shown below from their registered cellphone number. Send the word “BAL” to 09223766666.

Check State Bank of India Balance SBI Calling Customer Care help

Customers can contact the SBI Customer Service department to verify their identification and learn about their bank account balance. Toll-free numbers for State Bank of India balance checks are 1800-11-2211 and 1800 425 3800.

Follow the instructions provided by IVRS. Provide your information, and you will be able to see your account balance.

Check State Bank of India Account Balance at an ATM

Customers who have an SBI ATM or debit card can check their account balance by visiting an ATM center. You can accomplish this by following the procedures outlined below.

Scan your ATM card

Use a four-digit ATM pin

Select “Balance Enquiry” from the drop-down menu.

Complete the transaction. Your SBI Account Balance will display on ATM Screen.

Customers can also obtain a small statement, which includes the past ten transactions. SBI account customers may now check their account balances at other banks’ ATMs.

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