Can you see people’s deleted Instagram photos 2022

Best Answer Can you see people’s deleted Instagram photos There is currently no official mechanism to view the deleted Instagram postings of another user. The functionality of Instagram is structured such that if a user deletes something from their profile, it is permanently removed. In the event that they delete their profile, there will be no way to view any of the stuff they have posted.

Can you see people’s deleted Instagram photos?

There’s no way to see someone’s deleted Instagram posts in an official way. The Instagram functionality is set up in such a way that once they delete it from their profile, it’s gone forever. There is no way to see any of their content if they delete their profile.

How to see deleted Instagram posts

Tap the Menu button in the top-right corner of your profile tab.

Choose “Your activity.”

Go to “Recently deleted” on the ‘Your activity’ screen.

To find your recently deleted profile posts, videos, reels, or archived stories, go to the relevant tab at the top.

How to see deleted Instagram accounts

To get started, go to the BeenVerified search page. Click Search after entering the Instagram username. Go to TruthFinder to learn more. Click Search after entering the person’s name.

Deleted Instagram posts Archive

You can recover deleted photos, videos, reels, videos, and Instagram stories from your settings. Content that you choose to delete is immediately removed from your account and moved to the Recently deleted section. Keep in mind that Instagram messages that have been deleted cannot be recovered.

How to get someone’s post deleted on Instagram

Simply go to the profile of the account who posted your photo, politely request that it be removed, and provide a link to the image in question. If the poster uploaded a group photo that includes you and they’re a reasonable person, they’ll probably take it down.

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