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Can you Rotate images in Locket widget app Easily

Best Answer, Can you Rotate images in the Locket widget app, No Image you Cannot Rotate in the Locket widget. You Can Easily Zoom it But Cannot Rotate it. I’m trying to rotate a picture from my album, and although I can move it and zoom it (they’ve added a lot of zoom options lately), I can’t. The same is true if I snap a shot right now and attempt to rotate it later; I can’t.

Once you’ve added the Locket widget to your Home Screen, you’ll be able to see new photographs uploaded to Locket by your contacts as soon as they become available. After you have gotten your first Locket picture, all you have to do to send one back is launch the camera application by tapping on the image that is shown on the Home Page.

Locket is a widget that brings live photographs from your closest friends to your Home Screen and displays them there. Every time you unlock your phone, you and your closest friends will be able to look at fresh images that each of you has sent to the other. It provides a brief summary of the activities that everyone is engaged in during the day.

Tap on the Locket app icon that is located on the home screen of your iPhone to launch it. Make any necessary adjustments to your camera, and when you’re ready to take a photo, press the large white circle on your screen. You can also utilize the flashlight by touching on the symbol on the left side of the screen, and you can switch to a camera that faces forward by tapping on the icon on the right side of the screen.

After you have invited and added friends to join you on Locket, the next step is to add the app’s widget to the home screen of your iOS device. The widget will display the photographs taken by your friends as they upload new pictures throughout the day. You are also able to activate the application whenever you want in order to upload images that you have taken yourself to be forwarded to the widgets of your friends.

This displays a preview of the viewfinder on your iPhone camera, along with a white button just below it. When you press the white button, Locket will take a picture and immediately share it with the people you have chosen. That sums up everything well.

Launch the App Store, choose your profile by tapping the symbol in the top-right corner of the screen, slide down on the Account page to refresh the page, and then select “Update” next to Locket to download the most recent version. When that is finished, you will be able to begin sending Locket photos to a single individual as often as you wish.

If you decide to delete a picture, it will be removed from your device, but your contacts will still be able to see the image on their own devices.

How to use the Locket widget

Simply press and keep your finger on any app until the other applications begin to float about with a minus symbol on them. To add anything new, use the + sign in the upper left corner of your screen. This will open the menu for the widgets. To use the Locket Widget, tap on it.

This widget is all about sharing images; it is intended to make it possible for users to rapidly share photos with other users with whom they have established connections. Instead of transmitting images to one another through an application such as Snapchat or WhatsApp, the pictures will immediately display on the screen of the other person’s phone.

After installing the app and putting its widget to your home screen, all you need to do to snap a picture is press the widget (or the app icon) on your home screen. This displays a preview of the viewfinder on your iPhone camera, along with a white button just below it. When you press the white button, Locket will take a picture and immediately share it with the people you have chosen.

Tap the Set up my Locket option when the Locket app is active. Your phone number may be found here.
Tap Continue. Enter the six-digit verification code that was just sent to the number associated with your phone. Please include your first name as well as your last name.

Because sharing images with your friends is such an intimate experience, we make a concerted effort to protect the confidentiality of your information while it is in transit. When you submit a new picture using the Locket app, the photo will automatically be shared to all of the people that you have joined through the Locket app. They will be able to see the picture in their Locket widget at the same instant that it was taken.

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