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Can you delete venmo transaction history 2022

Best Answer,  When you want to delete a transaction, swipe left on it and click Delete. Open the Venmo app on your phone or computer. Tap or click on the account you want to delete transactions from and then choose “delete transactions.” The “Transactions” tab is at the bottom of your screen. You can tap or click it to see what you have done. In order to delete a transaction, swipe left and tap “Delete.”

Can you delete venmo transaction history

Does this mean that you can get rid of old transactions? If you want to do this, go to the venmo app to do it. Pay attention to the transactions that you want to delete. Then, choose “Payments.” To delete a transaction, then click “Delete Transaction.”

why can’t you delete venmo history

You must be concerned about the public feed feature, which shows all of your transactions and each payment you make. This feature is what you should be worried about.

How long does Venmo keep transaction history

Ninety days If you want to see or download your transaction history, you can only look at or download the last 90 days at a time. If you want to see more than 90 days, you’ll need to search for more than one date range.

Can you delete Venmo comments

It’s not possible to delete the history of your Venmo transactions. The only way to hide your past transactions is to turn off the “public feed” feature. Venmo shows your friends your transaction history if they look at your profile.

Can anyone see private Venmo transactions

There aren’t any payment amounts shown on the website. People can see the messages, emojis, and time stamps that come with each transaction on the web. Venmo told CNET that transactions are public by default because the app is also a social network.

My Venmo account won t delete

You can’t close your account if there are still funds in it. To do this, you can either return the money to them or send the money to your bank account. Do this and wait for the transactions to be done before you can move on.

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