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Can you delete Reddit account on mobile

Best Answer, Can you delete a Reddit account on mobile Click on Settings to get to the settings page now. The Help FAQ is down there. This is the Reddit Help screen with a search box on the right side of the screen. Type “deactivate” into the search box, and the article “How do I deactivate my account?” will show up at the top.

can you delete a reddit account on mobile

Unfortunately, deleting accounts using the Reddit app’s mobile app is not an option at this time. As a result, in order to cancel your account, you must use a web browser to access the Reddit website.

How to delete Reddit account

In the event that you have decided that Reddit is no longer for you, just follow these easy instructions to permanently deactivate your account. Log in to your Reddit account if you have one. Select ‘User Settings’ from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on your user icon. After you have reached the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Deactivate Account’ button.

How to delete Reddit account on iPhone

Visit this Reddit account settings link if you’re using a mobile browser.
Check to verify that you are currently logged in.
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the account settings page.
To deactivate your account, go to the “Deactivate Account” page and click on the Deactivate button.

How to delete Reddit account on Android

Step 6: A search bar will appear on the screen for you to use. … Type “Deactivate” into the search box and hit enter. Step 7: A new post with the heading “How do I cancel my account” will appear on the site.

How to delete Reddit account on app 2022

How to Delete a Reddit Account from a Mobile Phone? Open the Reddit application, press the profile symbol, choose Settings from the drop-down menu, and then hit the Help and FAQs button.

can’t delete reddit account

To remove your Reddit account, you must first access Reddit on your computer’s web browser, followed by our iOS native mobile app, before logging out. You will no longer be able to access your account once you have deleted it; your username will become inaccessible; and you will lose access to your account as well as all of your post and comment history.

Delete second Reddit account

Navigate to the upper right corner of your screen and choose User Settings from the drop-down menu underneath Profile.
Select User Settings from the drop-down menu and scroll down the page until you see the Deactivate Account option, which is highlighted in red.
Deactivate your account by clicking on it.

How to delete Reddit account without password

No. In this case, there is nothing you can do. If you don’t know your password and you didn’t verify your email address, you’re out of luck.

Reddit deactivate vs delete

Are the terms “deactivation” and “deletion” interchangeable? As far as Reddit is concerned, deactivation is just another word for deletion, therefore the two terms are interchangeable.

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