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Can You Delete Recordings On YouTube Tv 2022

Best Answer, How to delete recordings on YouTube tv. Press the “DVR” button on the remote control after selecting it from the menu. Search through your recordings using the remote control to discover the program you wish to remove. Select “Delete” from the drop-down menu and hit OK.

how to delete recorded shows on YouTube tv. To remove a program from your library, go to the program’s page and click on the remove option next to the program’s title. When you remove a show from your library, it indicates that it will no longer be recorded for current and future airings. Your previously recorded programs will remain accessible until they are no longer needed.

Can You Delete Recordings On YouTube Tv 2022

Navigate to the program or movie’s webpage. To verify your work, click the checkmark button in the upper right corner. In this case, it implies you have removed the program from your collection as well as any planned recordings for the show you were watching.

How to delete recordings on YouTube

Launch the YouTube TV application.
Select Library from the drop-down menu.
Locate the television program or movie that has to be erased.
To get to the show or movie page, press the corresponding button.
To delete anything from your library, click on the check mark button.

how do i edit my YouTube tv library?

Sign into your YouTube TV account by going to the channel’s sign-in page.
Select your profile picture from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
Select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the button.
Select the Live guide from the sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
After that, you will be presented with a list of all of the networks accessible on YouTube TV.
By unchecking the box next to the network name, you may prevent that specific network from appearing in the lineup of channels. An unwanted channel will be eliminated from your custom views in this manner.
The order of the channels in a network may be changed by dragging the network up or down. You will be able to arrange all of the channels in the manner of your choosing. In order to move a network up or down, click or press on the three-line symbol on the right and hold it while dragging it to the location you choose.
In order to save the changes, just quit the settings page and return to the home screen.
When you pick the LIVE tab at the top of your YouTube TV home page, you’ll now see the channels in the new order that they were previously in. The channels that have been deleted will not be shown.

YouTube TV recordings expire

After you have recorded episodes on YouTube TV, the recordings will stay in your Library. Additionally, they are automatically erased after up to 9 months. The program you recorded may, however, be removed from the Library before the 9-month period has elapsed, depending on the length of time it has been available for viewing.

How do you delete DVR recordings

Manually deleting recordings from the DVR’s hard disk will free up space on the device’s hard drive. This option should be used for recordings that you wish to keep safe from being deleted by the DVR’s automatic deletion feature. Then, from the DVR Events or My Recordings page, choose “Edit,” followed by “Delete.”

YouTube TV recordings not showing up

A server problem is nearly always at blame when YouTube TV DVR stops functioning or displays an empty Library. This isn’t a major mistake that requires your immediate attention. It’s important to know that the YouTube TV team is working on a solution, and that regular service should be restored shortly.

How does YouTube TV DVR work

The DVR function will automatically record a show when it is added to your library once it has been added to your library. After selecting a television program, it will automatically record that show whenever it is shown, including both first-run and repeat episodes.

YouTube TV record only new episodes

Sign in to YouTube TV by opening it and clicking on the sign in button.
To locate a program that you wish to record, type the title into the search field. It should be opened. To the right of the show’s title, click on the + sign to add it to your watchlist. That’s all there is to it. YouTube TV will record the program in its entirety, and you will be able to watch it at your leisure at any moment throughout the nine-month period. The absence of a plus symbol next to a program indicates that you will be unable to record the show in question. You’ll have to catch up on it while it’s still on the air.

It’s also useful to know that after you’ve finished viewing a program on YouTube TV, you can delete it from your YouTube TV library, which saves you time. Using the search bar, locate the show, click on it, and pick delete instead of adding it (the remove option is located in the same location as add, to the right of the program’s title).

YouTube TV not recording dateline

YouTube will try to record all new episodes of a program if it is currently airing.
But there’s one thing you should be aware of: the YouTube TV DVR may occasionally compel you to watch the “on demand” version of programs, even if you’ve “added” the item to your DVR queue.

how to delete shows from YouTube tv library

Click on the delete button next to the program’s title on the program’s page. Removing a show from your library stops recording current and future airings. Your recordings will be kept until they expire.

how to delete watched episodes on YouTube tv

Choose a photo for your profile. Preferences. Select the Privacy option. Select Manage my watch history from the drop-down menu. You’ll be sent to a Google privacy page after clicking this link. A new tab will be opened in a web browser when you click this link. By selecting Delete, you can remove an item from your shopping cart. Also available is the ability to search for items you’d like to delete or to filter by date range.

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