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Can you delete history on venmo 2022

Best Answer, Can you delete history on Venmo You can get rid of transactions in the following ways
If you swipe left and hit delete, you can get rid of any transaction. Check out the Venmo app on your computer or phone. Tap or click on an account to delete transactions from that account. You can tap or click on the bottom of your screen to get to “Transactions.” Swipe left on a transaction and tap “Delete” to get rid of it.

Can you delete history on venmo

There is No Choice to Completely Erase Your Transaction History When Utilizing Venmo. You are unable to erase your transaction history straight from Venmo. Even if in most situations this information is completely private, and you are the only one who can access it, the Venmo platform will nevertheless keep the information on your account regardless of this fact.

why can’t you delete venmo history

In any event, any worries about personal information must be tied to the public feed function, which displays all of your transactions as well as every payment that you make.

How to delete Venmo account

You may access the You tab inside the Venmo app by tapping the symbol depicting a single individual.

To adjust your settings, use the cogwheel in the upper right corner.
Under “Preferences,” click the “Account” option.
Select “Close Venmo Account” from the menu.

Can you delete Venmo comments

If you want to conceal your previous Venmo transactions, the only method to do so is to disable the “public feed” option, since it is not possible to remove the Venmo transaction history directly. If your friends see your profile on Venmo, they will be able to view your whole transaction history by default.

How long does Venmo keep transaction history

Note that although you are able to access the whole of your transaction history, the most recent 90 days of that history may only be viewed or downloaded at a time. You will have to search numerous date ranges if you need to view results that are older than ninety days.

Venmo transaction history

Logging into your Venmo profile via a web browser will allow you to access your entire transaction history as well as your most recent statement (not the Venmo app).

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