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Can you change your BeReal RealMojis

Best Answer, Can you change your BeReal RealMojis To access the collection of RealMojis, launch the BeReal app, pick a post, and click the bottom-right smiley icon. When the black cross appears on the RealMoji you wish to erase, tap and hold them for a moment. Any RealMoji may be erased by clicking the dark cross in the appropriate place.

How to react on BeReal

Now, just touch your brand-new Realmoji to respond to any BeReal post. Instant Realmoji is the second alternative. Hold down the lightning bolt with the camera open after pressing the happy face symbol on a BeReal post (you probably see your face in it).

BeReal not only encourages individuality but also gives you the option to tailor your profile to your needs. Realmojis and usernames may be changed whenever it’s convenient for you.

In the top-right portion of the screen, tap your profile photo. Tap the icon for your profile near the top of the screen in step two. Tap your current username in step three. Step 4: Modify your username as you see fit and hit the “Change Username” button located above the on-screen keyboard of the device.

The most recent social media craze on college campuses is called BeReal. The software requires users to publish only once each day, at the same time, no matter where they are. You respond to postings with “RealMoji” emoticons, taking your own picture or selecting one from a library.

In the application’s Discovery area, you may see the BeReals of others. Click the emoji in the lower left corner of the post to respond to them.

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