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Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Videos Easily

Best Answer, Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Videos Easily. You are only able to see the total amount of interactions, which might be comments or likes, for ordinary videos. You are able to see who is watching a Facebook live broadcast while you are making the broadcast, and you are also able to see who joined the live stream after the program has ended. You are able to browse the Facebook stories and discover who or how many people saw them.

Can you see who views your videos on Facebook

One of your films on Facebook does not provide you with any indication as to who has seen it, in contrast to Instagram videos. There is no option that you can click on that would bring up a list of the people who have specifically seen your video. Check out How to post a YouTube video on Instagram Story.

Can I see who has watched my video on Facebook

The correct response is that the Facebook app is the only place where you can check the total number of times a video has been viewed. If you publish a video on Facebook using the Public privacy setting and are curious about whether or not you can track who watches your films on the platform, the answer is yes; underneath each video, you will see the total number of views. However, if you upload a video on a Page that you run and are unsure whether or not you can see who has seen your video on Facebook, the answer is once again yes; you can examine the number of viewers as well as other metrics pertaining to the behavior of video watching.

Can you see who views your videos on Facebook Reddit

If you ask Facebook, the social media behemoth will unequivocally respond by saying “No, Facebook does not allow you to trace who visits your FB page.” The functionality cannot be provided by third-party applications either. Please let us know about any app that advertises the capacity to do this in the event that you find such an app.

How to see views on Facebook videos

Launch your own profile page on Facebook. Go to Videos. Simply choose a video to play. You can see the total number of views, as well as the number of likes and comments, underneath the description of your video.

Can Facebook pages see who views their videos

Only Facebook story videos and Facebook lives allow users to see the number of times their videos have been viewed. When you broadcast a video on Facebook in real time, you are able to monitor who is watching it. You are able to not only examine the total number of people that joined your Facebook live event, but also the profile names of those individuals.

How to see video views on Facebook mobile

To access the official Facebook website, click here. Select Insights from the menu that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. Scroll all the way down until you reach the “Post” option. You can get a comprehensive rundown of all the possible avenues for increasing the number of views on your Facebook profile here.

Can you see who views your videos on Facebook

The most accurate response may be found on the official website of Facebook, which states, “Facebook does not let users to trace who visits their profile.” The functionality cannot be provided by third-party applications either. Please let us know about any app that advertises itself as having this capability if you come across one. However, there are certain third-party websites that you may visit that make the promise that they can assist you in determining who has visited your Facebook page.

Can you see who views your Facebook videos

No, it is not feasible to track who has seen the videos you upload to Facebook. If you are broadcasting your video via Facebook Live, you will have the ability to monitor who watches and interacts with your video.

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