can i see who liked a comment on tiktok 2022

Best Answer can i see who liked a comment on tiktok You can see who liked a comment on TikTok by heading to the comment’s profile and clicking the “Liked” icon there. This will show you who liked the comment.

can i see who liked a comment on tiktok

Users who have liked a comment on TikTok can’t be identified because of the lack of a standardized commenting system on the platform.
Others interpret the act of “liking” a statement as a way to assess the importance of the person who made it.
This can lead to a decline in the amount of likes a post receives since people may believe that the post has already been endorsed by another person.

Accidentally liked a tiktok comment

Knowing what to do after unintentionally loving someone’s video on TikTok might make or break whether or not they receive a notification or realize that you liked and subsequently disliked their video.

Why can’t I see who liked my comment on TikTok

Step 1: Open Your TikTok App Step 2: Go To The Inbox Section Of TikTok Step 3: Click The Dropdown Button Step 4: Select Likes…

Liking your own comment on TikTok

No one can tell who appreciated a comment on TikTok because there isn’t a standardized commenting mechanism.
When someone likes a comment, it’s an indication that they appreciate the viewpoint expressed in that comment.
People may believe that the post has already been validated by someone else, which can reduce the number of likes it receives.

How to see someone’s comments on TikTok

It’s impossible to tell what people are saying in the comments. In the browser, you may post movies to your TikTok account and see the comments left by other users right next to the video. Using this feature can aid in investigations, as it gives you an idea of what people are saying about a particular video.

What does liked by creator mean on Tik Tok

It’s a way for people to show their support for their views by like other people’s remarks. Read on.

How to find your most liked comment on TikTok

If anyone has liked or responded to any of your TikTok comments, you’ll be able to locate them. You may be able to find your comment in the “All activity” area if it has been liked or replied to by other people. TikTok’s “All Activity” page. You can access this area through your notifications.

TikTok Comment likes free

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TikTok comment likes bot

TikTok bot comment likes are explained in a series of short videos. The following creators’ work is worth checking out: In addition to Adam Saleh, (@mllky06), cry( @liteku), Oh (jackfreemanlol), pizzaorder44(@pizzaorder44), Free bots ” – (, InstantsEdgeYouTube(@tacklegocrazyy), eshay(@f9ture), and eshay(@f9ture)

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