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Can i have two separate verizon accounts 2022

Best answer Can i have two separate verizon accounts  Keeping separate books You will need permission from the account owner to split up.Your line and phone, as well as the payment for the device.Agreement from the account we already have.If you are willing to give up your device and phone number.With a new number, you can start your own account.

Can i have two separate verizon accounts

There is no limit on the number of distinct accounts you may have with Verizon Wireless. In order to establish a second account, you will be required to contact customer care.

How do Verizon sub accounts work

A sub-account is a supplementary account that is connected to the primary account that you already have. You, as the primary account holder, have the ability to establish new sub-accounts and continue to exercise complete control over the access those sub-accounts get.

How to access Verizon sub accounts

Log in to your My Verizon account to handle any existing sub accounts. Choose Profile from the menu located at the top of the page. Scroll down on the Profile page until you reach the section labeled “Sub Accounts,” then click the “See All” button that appears next to that section. After that, choose the sub account that you want to administer. Please take into consideration that only Fios TV subscribers have access to the ability to create and manage sub-accounts.

Verizon FiOS two houses

Two separate FIOS connections may be obtained, that much is true. VZ will add a second fiber drop and a second ONT to the network. It’s possible that you’ll need to provide the second connection a slightly different address from the one used for the first connection.

Verizon FiOS activate sub account

Visit the “My Verizon” website to set up a sub account. Choose Profile from the menu located at the top of the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the Profile page, and next to Sub Accounts, click the option to See All. After that, select the option to Add a sub account. My Business Account gives users of small businesses the ability to manage additional user accounts.

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