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Can i delete a question on chegg 2022

Best Answer, Can i delete a question on chegg Yes, you may erase your Chegg question. To do so, go to your account’s “Questions” page and log in. Register for a Chegg account. In the top navigation bar, choose “Questions.” Remove the question by clicking on it. At the bottom of the page, click the “Delete Question” button. To confirm, click “Yes, Delete This Question.”

Can i delete a question on chegg

Chegg allows you to remove your question. Go to the “Questions” page after logging into your account. You may remove a question from your “My Questions” section by clicking the “Delete” button next to it.

If I delete my Chegg account will my questions be deleted

The Chegg site will no longer save any of your personal data if you delete it. To use Chegg services again, you’ll have to create a new account and input all of your personal information again.

How to delete unanswered question on Chegg

Enter your Chegg credentials.

In the top navigation bar, choose “Questions.”
You may remove a question by clicking on it.
At the bottom of the page, click the “Delete Question” button to remove the question from the system.
To delete this question, click “Yes, Delete This Question.”

How long does it take to delete a Chegg account

Delete your Chegg account by sending an email to care@chegg.com, making sure to include your name and Chegg user name in the body of the email. Within 48 hours, we’ll deal with your request and remove your account.

If I delete my Chegg account will my questions be deleted Reddit

If your account is named after you, delete it and all of your personal information (this does not remove your questions). It doesn’t matter if your school is open and you didn’t post anything, if you were looking at the posted questions at the time of your test, your school can hunt you down. As a general rule, you don’t want your personal information to be publicly accessible. Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your online activities anonymous. This is useful for a lot more than just nefarious activities. Don’t take any chances, even if you didn’t do anything illegal. There are innumerable examples of children being falsely convicted despite their innocence, so you never know what they’ll try to blame on you.

How to edit question on Chegg

To update a question, click on the question you wish to change.

The Edit question link will appear after you have clicked it.
Do something about it.
Decide on a Path.
Choose a Topic.
Right-click and choose “Update.”

Chegg delete question Reddit

There is an honour code at honorcode@chegg.com where you may report accidentally uploading infringing content and it will be permanently removed if your professor will be looking into it. If you’ve done this, you should remove your account as well.

Can you make Chegg questions private

Chegg’s Twitter account: “@miguel97925612’s handle By unchecking the box next to the post button on Chegg, you may ask a question anonymously “/twitter.com.

why can’t i edit my question on chegg

I’m unable to add new details to my inquiries that would aid in the discovery of an answer. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t convince myself that the answer provided in response to one of my Physics questions was accurate enough to include a picture of a graph. Nothing happened when I clicked the “Update” button. When I used the left mouse button to try to click it, it displayed that it couldn’t be clicked like a cancel button. Once previously, when I saw a typo in what I had written, I went back and updated my inquiry. Now that my question has been resolved, is there any reason I can’t make another edit? Is it possible that there is a problem?

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