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Best Cheap Courier And Delivery Services In Nigeria

Many logistics organizations may be found in Nigeria, as well as courier services that deliver items from home, workplace, or overseas. Trying to find courier or delivery services in Nigeria might be a real pain.

We advise you to choose a low-cost courier service since we’ve gone to great lengths to find the best deals for personal or commercial usage. We know that all logistics and courier services in Nigeria are provided locally in all the states where they are needed.

Because of this, a lot of private investors perceive a drop in courier services as a chance to start their own business both in Nigeria and abroad. Although some are superior, they are few and far between when it comes to delivery, customer service, and cost-effectiveness when compared to NIPOST.

List of Best Cheap Courier And Delivery Services In Nigeria

So here is a best all the time Cheap Courier And Delivery Services In Nigeria with detail

AB Logistics

This is the most affordable Nigerian firm on our list, and we are happy to deliver packages from door to door. The rates we promise are inexpensive, and for light bundles, we guarantee that costs begin at 800 Naira.

You may use this firm to deliver papers, shipments, invites, and other types of correspondence to recipients. This firm may be used to mail papers, goods, invites, and other types of correspondence. Moreover, you would not have to pay more than N2600 to deliver 2kg of products from Abuja to Lagos, which is a remarkable achievement.

EMS SpeedPost

Since 1986, the organization has provided significant assistance to Nigerians, gaining sufficient knowledge to ensure that all users get prompt delivery and receive high-quality package handling.

It has been suggested by some customers that this firm is closely associated with NIPOST, but you need not be concerned about SpeedPost since it is not only quick and inexpensive, but it is also more dependable and extremely economical.

The organization provides a comprehensive variety of shipping, management, and support services. No one will be disappointed with it. They have several terminals located around the nation and offer services to both individuals and large corporations.


FedEx is widely regarded as the inventor of expedited delivery. They have a presence in more than 220 countries throughout the globe. As a Nigerian customer, Fed express will link you with any of those nations in one to three business days, depending on your location. In addition, the organization is devoted to offering an ecologically sustainable solution that would enhance electricity while simultaneously reducing waste and emissions.


With the help of DHL Shipping your items and sending your mails to over 150 countries across the globe is possible with this service. DHL has been utilized by various people throughout the years. It is important to note that the disadvantage of choosing DHL is that their services are rather pricey and hence beyond of reach for the typical Nigerian.

United Parcel Service is a parcel delivery service that operates in the United States (UPS)
A close second to DHL in terms of worldwide reach is UPS, which likewise works on a global scale. UPS has been providing dependable and trouble-free shipments in Nigeria for many years, and the company has a stellar track record in the country’s parcel delivery services.

UPS United Parcel Service

like many other worldwide corporations, is employed in a wide range of nations, including Nigeria, to deliver packages. You can trust this organization to deliver your items on time and with high-quality delivery services to boot.

The cost of delivering a box weighing up to 2 kilos from Lagos to Abuja would be roughly 6,400 Naira (nine hundred and forty dollars) (through their standard 2-3-day shipping).

Sky Web International

is an acronym that stands for Sky Web Worldwide.
Sky web is yet another well-known messaging service provider in the industry. The corporation was founded in the United States in 1972 and now has more than a thousand key offices across the globe.

Mail and package delivery service from door to door is provided by Sky Web, which is noted for being a technology-driven worldwide supply firm.

GIG Logistics

Gig Logistic is a logistics company that specializes in the transportation of goods and materials.
In Nigeria, this is a well-known firm that provides freight forwarding services to all inhabitants. It is simple to ship goods or products with this company since you simply need to visit their office in your city to send a package to another city in the country. GIG Logistics also takes packages from Ghana to Nigeria, as well as other countries.

ABC Cargo

is a transportation company that specializes in transporting goods by air, sea, and land.
This courier firm, which was created in the 1990s, provides a broad variety of delivery and delivery services to both residents and tourists in the community.

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