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Apply For Driving License Offline In Nigeria

Today in This Article We Lean About Apply For Driving License Offline In Nigeria. If You want to Know Apply For Driving License Offline In Nigeria So carefully read our Complete Article For Better Understanding So here is a Complete Guide on How To Apply For a Driving License Offline In Nigeria.

Documents Required Apply For Driving License in Nigeria

  1. Application for a Driver’s License in Nigeria
  2. The federal road safety corps requires that you enroll in a driving school (FRSC)
  3. You must pass a driving test fully supervised by a VIO member (vehicle inspection officers)
  4. After passing the exam, you will get your driving license promptly.
  5. Fill out the application form and pay the fee.
  6. After passing the VIO’s driving exam, you may get your driver’s license in one of two ways.

Apply For Driving License in Nigeria fees

8,000 Naira Driving School Certificate

VIO driving test certificate: 1,000 Naira

Eye exam certificate: 500 Naira

Fee for paying the driver’s license: 6,350 Naira (3 years) or 10,450 Naira (5 years validity)

How To Apply For Driving License Offline In Nigeria

Make an appointment at any DLC (Driver’s License Centre) of your choosing

You must fill out an application form at your preferred DLC (Driver’s License Centre).

The officer will inquire about your driving school certificate, learner’s permit, and your valid birth certificate before providing you with the driver’s license application form.

You’ll Pay the mandatory driver’s license application cost in person or online. When paying at the bank, remember to bring a copy of your driver’s license form since they will require it to complete your payment.

The following stage requires you to go to the office. You can’t send someone to do it for you.

To acquire the endorsement, submit the required documentation to the BIR and VIO at the DLC.

Obtain biometric data by delivering all needed papers to the DLC FRSC officer.

You’ll get a temporary license while you wait for the official one. This temporary version expires in 2 months.

After 2 months, you must go to the BIR office to get your official driver’s license.

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