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New Zealand abandoned series with Pakistan

Blackcaps and PCB were playing a series in Pakistan. The series between New Zealand and PCB has been canceled. The Blackcaps Cricket Board has made an excuse that we cannot play the Matches with Pakistani team because there is a big security problem in Pakistan. This is a big one. Excuse me many teams have played series with Pakistani team before this match has been played in Pakistan. abandoned series

why New Zealand tells before

The New Zealand cricket team came to In green land twenty years later to play matches. They came here seven days ago and within seven days of full practice, no problem was seen but when the match between PCB and Newzealand started. He announced five minutes ago that we can’t play a match here because we have a security problem so the match can’t take place and that’s why we are canceling this series. This is a big problem. This is a big problem for international cricket and cricket matches on Pakistani grounds. NewZealand abandoned tour with Shaheens

Is Pakistan complain to ICC

PCB is working very hard to bring cricket back inside Pakistan so it is holding PSL and also organizing tours for many teams to play. Many teams have also played inside Pakistani grounds but now Pakistan games have suffered a major blow. Will Pakistan now contact the ICC? Will it take its case to the ICC in Pakistan to see if cricket is not revived? Rameez Raja Given that we will see NewZealand within the ICC, we will fight our case vigorously.

PCB lose on abandoned series

PCB has suffered a huge loss due to the termination of this series and Muhammad Waseem has stated that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lost about 1.5 million dollars (1.5 million) at this time. The ICC will now decide who will pay the heaviest price.

PM Imran khan request to PM New zealand

The Prime Minister of Pakistani people Imran Khan called the Prime Minister of Blackcaps and said that there is no security problem here. I am responsible for it myself. He assured the Prime Minister that there will be no security problem here. They are very strong and are working very hard on our agencies and there is no problem at the moment. According to our information, there is no problem here but the Prime Minister of New Zealand did not accept this and he called his team back. On which Pakistani fans are seeing a lot of frustration and cricket is no longer happening in green Land grounds. NewZealand abandoned series with Pakistan

Is England will tour for series

At the same time, let me tell you that the NewZealand cricket team, which had just played a tour match against Bangladesh, was under a lot of pressure and lost the series to Bangladesh because it was now in danger. He made an excuse that we could not play so that he would not lose the series to the Pakistani team but since he also told you that there was no security issue because Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, South Africa as well as Many teams have played cricket here and so the England team is coming to play matches with Pakistani team next month.

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